The summer period is often a good time to improve the working conditions of your employees. Simple measures can be taken to provide them with the motivating framework to accomplish their mission.


A beneficial implementation

The establishment of a better working environment is indicative of the consideration you have for your employees. The simple question to ask yourself is to start this improvement: how would you like to be treated in a company?

This also brings other advantages for the company: less absenteeism, less costs related to the inevitable turnover, stress and tension and allows employees to be more efficient.

Simple tips to improve ergonomics

  1. Buy equipment that allows you to adopt the ideal working position: feet flat on the floor or on a footrest, back straight and supported by a backrest. Ergonomic chairs are an easy to set up and cost-effective investment. These allow the height of theseat to be adjusted according to the size of the employee. Some seats even have the possibilityofautomatically adjusting tothe morphology of the person using them. Ergonomic footrests facilitate blood circulation, relieve leg fatigue and provide a comfortable position for the joints. Wrist rests prevent carpal tunnel pain, one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders. Large offices will allow your employee to have enough space to organize himself in his work.

  1. Explain to your employees the simple steps to improve their working comfort. Turn the screen perpendicular to the windows to limit glare, place the screen at eye level…. Simple gestures that considerably improve comfort at work. Feel free to buy a stand so that your employees can raise the monitor and put a distance with their screen of 50 to 70 cm.


  1. Get the right mice. Mice must adapt to the shape of the hand to avoid fatigue. Feel free to invest in a mouse specialized for left-handed people in order to improve the comfort of your employees. The classic mice are not adapted to themand shapes arededicated to them.


  1. Improve lighting. A good light makes you happy according to the latest surveys. The same applies to your employees. A soft and close to daylight lighting (light therapy) can considerably reduce fatigue… If you do not have or want to buy this type of bulb, the investment in curtains or blinds can be more than useful.


  1. Avoid noise pollution. Soundproof partitions are a good way to reduce these nuisances to the concentration of your employees. If the nuisance comes from the outside, have double glazing


  1. Protect them from extreme temperatures. The temperature in your offices affects your employees. If it is too cold, you can install additional electric heaters. Too hot? An air


  1. Use ergonomists. If, despite all these tips, you are afraid of making a mistake or you still want to do more, ergonomists exist and can define the ideal workstation adapted to the morphology of the employee